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An Inspiration March 28, 2010

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Mike Hughes is such an inspiration to the advertising industry. His commitment to Martin and the Brandcenter over the years is remarkable. As I watched the following video for the One Club Hall of Fame, I realized that it is possible to be genuinely nice in this industry as well as successful. How refreshing. Cheers to Mike!


Playboy’s Revival March 27, 2010

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During last semester, my Brand Campaigns class was asked to revive a fallen brand. We selected Playboy. You will see where we took it in the following video. What do you think?

** Please note: This is a graduate student project and has no affiliation with the actual Playboy brand. The following people were members of my student team: Julia Veinberg (AD), Kat Ford (AD), Nate Totten (CW), Drew Dayberry (CT), Ian Johnson (CS).


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!